Veteran Law

image_thumbnailKenneth S. Kabb, veteran’s attorney advocate, is here to help you if your claims have been denied for:
  • Service-Connected Disability
  • PTSD
  • Gulf War Illness
  • Chronic Disease
  • Agent Orange Exposure
  • Increase in Service Connected Disability Rating
  • Medical Injury from the VA Health Care System
  • Social Security Disability or SSI

Kenneth S. Kabb, a veteran’s attorney advocate with The Kabb Law Firm, has been engaged in the practice of injury and disability law since 1969.  He presently concentrates in Veterans’ Claims, Social Security Disability, SSI, and Estate Planning.

Ken is an NRA certified and Glock trained firearms instructor who teaches defensive pistol and concealed carry classes.

The Kabb Law Firm focuses on government benefits for aging and disabled persons, veterans with disabilities, elder care, and estate planning for family growth and change.