Aid & Attendance / Veterans Benefits

improving-quality-of-lifeThe Department of Veterans Affairs provides benefits to Veterans for a myriad of health care options.  The VA has a network in Northeast Ohio of both a full hospital at Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and numerous outpatient clinics.  The network is vast and includes outpatient clinics within 20 miles from every veteran in Northeast Ohio.   The VA health care system offers veterans valuable health care services.  The programs for Seniors are life changing.

Some services available to Seniors (that are not included in Medicare) include audiology, free or discounted prescription drugs, unskilled home health, home modifications, dental services, paid adult day services and vision services among other services.

In order to take advantage of these services, the Veteran must be enrolled and active in the VA system. That means that they need to complete a 10-10 EZ form and see a doctor for evaluation at the VA at least once per year.  The form can be found online and faxed or dropped at the local VA facility.  There is a means test for income only.  The Veteran can provide the income information or not.  If you refuse to provide income, the co-pays are mandatory.

There are different priority groups that the VA uses to determine eligibility for health care services based on the Congressional budget allocations.  Many of our seniors can be categorized as “catastrophically disabled” and therefore be placed in a Group 4 which helps allow them entry into the Veterans health administration.

The sooner the Veteran applies for Veterans Health services, the more likely they can take advantage of the services provided by the VA.

There are other benefits through the Ohio Veterans Homes.  The services are administered by the State of Ohio and include Domiciliary (independent living), Domiciliary Plus (Assisted living) and Nursing home services. There are only two facilities in Ohio that offer these services; Sandusky and Wellington, Ohio.  Again, these facilities are worth a tour as they provide very good care.