Special Needs Care Planning

Restoring-DignityFamily members often provide for the long-term care of a loved one with Special Needs by leaving that person with an inheritance to cover long-term care costs.

When an inheritance is left directly to a person with Special Needs, there can be tax complications, reduction or elimination of public benefits, and the recipient may not be able to manage the funds themselves.

The Kabb Law Firm assists families with the difficult decisions that must be made when a person with Special Needs is made a beneficiary. We can set up a Life Care Plan that establishes a Special Needs Trust, identifies long-term care, and manages and monitors the recipient’s public benefits.

Our Public Benefits Coordinator is a partner throughout this process, proactively identifying changes in the benefits system. Additionally, our knowledge of the care needs helps us ensure that we attain and protect the public benefits for the special needs client.

Public Benefits Defined