Estate Planning For All

providing-peace-of-mindEstate Planning takes place when you put together the necessary legal documents to express your wishes, provided you are unable to do so yourself. The legal documents that our firm will draft for you include wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

The estate plan that Kabb Law co-creates with you determines who will be the recipient of your assets, minimizes taxes, and ensures that you are able to receive the care and make the decisions you would want if you were able to speak on your own behalf.

Kabb Law uses a team approach to develop the estate plan. We also apply our integrated Life Care Planning approach to ensure that the estate is funded in the short and long-term. As circumstances change, the plan will change.

If no estate plan is made when the planner is still able to contribute to its development, the courts will determine by statute to whom the estate should go, either during life with guardianship or after death.

Keep in mind that whenever courts make these decisions the costs multiply – many times by tenfold if it is contentious.