Elder Law & Care Planning

Restoring-DignityElder Law is the only area of law defined by the clients we serve rather than the areas of law in which we practice. The Kabb Law Firm deals holistically with our clients by talking about long-term planning for health care and financial viability, family dynamics, end-of-life decisions, personal values and personal preferences.

Although the Kabb Law Firm is an Elder Law Firm, we are also a Care Firm because of the acclaimed Life Care Planning approach that we use for our Elder Law services. We offer an integrated, elder-centered solution developed by a team that includes an Attorney, a Public Benefits Coordinator and a Social Worker (who we refer to as the Care Coordinator.)

Instead of focusing purely on the immediate needs that Elder Law addresses, we also focus on long-term needs for families struggling with the demands of an elderly loved one’s care. Our approach is client-centered: our goal is to use the elder’s money to maximize the elder’s quality of life and independence.