Protecting the Elderly From Abuse – June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

There are over ½ million reports of elder abuse each year. Can you believe that? What are we missing? Why is this happening? How could anyone want to abuse our elders? Abuse is not always done with force. Often times it can be neglect, which can include not keeping the elder safe, not giving proper […]

June is National Safety Month: Take Preventative Measures to Keep Safe

National Safety Month is here and we encourage organizations to be involved in influencing others to learn about preventable injuries and situations. We should all feel a sense of responsibility to ourselves, and those around us, to create a culture that makes everyone safer. The elderly often find themselves more prone to injuries due to […]

Avoiding Inheritance Issues

There are a few major issues that can cause disputes within a family and the number one being that family members sometimes just don’t get along. The second is the more money and assets there are, the more there is to argue about. Whether you have a ton of material things or you have nothing, […]

Why Trusts are Important

Trust: An agreement that describes how assets will be managed and held for the benefit of another person. Why are trusts so important? What is the benefit? Most of us don’t know where to start, what the terminology means and how to decipher anything that is going on. Often times, when sifting through and trying […]

Ideas to Stay Active After Retirement

Retiring is a wonderful luxury that most seniors have worked toward their entire life. They’ve put in long hours, hard work and sacrificed many things to get to where they are today and nothing sounds more glamorous than sitting back, feet up and relaxing around the house during retirement. However, balancing retirement and activities are […]

Home for the Holidays: Warning Signs to Watch For

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to pack up your bags, lug the children & take a trip down memory lane to travel to your parent’s home! While this time of year is heart-warming, it also brings about reflection and we tend to put things into perspective. Maybe we didn’t notice that mom […]

Where There is a Will There is a Way

When is the last time you updated your Will? Do you have a Will? If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve probably thought about it but haven’t quite yet followed through on those plans. Sound about right? Many times people will begin the process of selecting and choosing how they will carry out their […]

Tips for Eldercare Planning

Our elders are a touchy subject. Our parents typically represent our existence, memories that can’t be escaped – good times & bad – and parts of ourselves that we hope to continue to carry on in our children. Add planning for their inevitable closure to the mix, and it can be a roller coaster of […]

The Vacation Home: To Pass it Down or Not to Pass it Down?

A vacation home is often times a quintessential part of childhood memories, family trips & once in a lifetime experiences. They are typically passed down from generation to generation where they can be used to create new memories for years to come. Most owners put a lot of time, energy and sacrifice into saving and […]

The New Breed of Service Dog: Canine Caregivers for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

The emotional and physical benefits of pet ownership are now helping people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The concept of guide dogs for Alzheimer’s patients came out of research in Israel. Dafna Golan-Shemesh, a social worker, and her partner Yariv Ben Yosef, a dog trainer, developed a program called Alzheimer’s Aid […]

Travel Tips for Seniors

    Travel needn’t stop because you are now a senior. According to many senior adventurers, “Age only matters if you’re a cheese.” Yes, it does mean that you probably can’t travel the way you used to.  Maybe, you have physical limitations that need to be worked around. These can be very simply addressed.  Also, […]

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month

There are so many months devoted to breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer awareness and other women’s diseases that it is a welcome addition to have a month devoted to men’s health. The purpose of Men’s Health Awareness Month is twofold. The first goal is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems. The second is […]

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

The theme for this year’s Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM) is “Communication Takes Care.” Its goal is to raise everyone’s awareness about communication disorders. It is the sad truth that communication impairments often affect the most vulnerable portion of our society – the poor, the disabled and, of course the aged. According to The […]

Anxiety and Depression Increase Dementia Risk

  We all know how devastating a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be. It can cause anxiety and depression.  But, on the flip side, can mental distress increase the risk of developing dementia? There has been an on-going study in England of a group of 70,000 men and women who began the study at age […]

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Alcohol Awareness Month was established in 1987 by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) with the goal of reducing the stigma that is often associated with alcoholism. Its objective is to reach out to the public with information about alcoholism and recovery. The public needs to be made aware that alcoholism is […]

March Is National Nutrition Month

What a wonderful harbinger of spring is a healthy body poised to go outside and be active in the warming weather. Unfortunately, too many Americans will never be able to be active in the great outdoors because of excess weight.  Nearly two-thirds of adults in the USA are overweight. And, child obesity is on a […]

Hobby Ideas for Seniors

The age-old questions coming from seniors getting ready to retire is, “What am I going to do with all of my free time?” Before you retire is the time to start thinking about starting a hobby.  Do some brainstorming and make some notes. Some of your ideas might even turn into extra income ideas. There […]