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Welcome to the Kabb Law Firm

An Elder Law and Care Firm.

Caring for an older adult can be overwhelming. You don’t have to do it alone.

There are so many crucial decisions that you have to make for your elderly loved one:

  • Which care services are needed?
  • How will you pay for them?
  • How do you protect assets to ensure your loved one is taken care of for life?
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The Kabb Law Firm helps you to make the right legal, financial and care decisions for your set of circumstances by using the acclaimed Life Care Planning approach to Elder Law.

A Life Care Plan helps you:

  • Identify the level of care needed for the older adult
  • Locate the appropriate care
  • Coordinate private and public resources to pay for care (Medicaid, Medicare and Veterans Benefits)

The Kabb Elder Law Team is here to guide all of your long-term care concerns, so that you can get back to being your loved one’s daughter, sister, son, or friend.